When we moved into our current home a few years ago we spent an entire week painting every existing surface. Well that is until we reached the den! It was a long exhausting process painting our 3 story home that by the time we were ready to tackle this room, we had fully ran out of steam. We took an executive decision to leave the room in its miserable state for a few more years.

Fast forward to now and the itch to give this room a full makeover intensely resurfaced. This time I could not get my hands on a paint roller fast enough! Once and for all I would finally be able to cover up that hideous brown with a lovely bright and airy shade of white. From the very first coat the room was completely transformed and I was finally seeing the vision, from many years before, come to life. I wanted a simple design with a touch of glamour and brass. The layout of the room was a no brainer, as the space is cozy and limited, I was able to give the illusion of more room by placing the desk against the wall. Out of all the pieces in the room my favorite one is the Parkview Accent Sofa Chair. The color and shape coupled with the soft velvet material had me sold as soon as I saw it. This piece ultimately set the mood for my pretty in pink theme.

The office transformed from a dark depressing space with brown walls to a light airy room that feels harmonious and uplifting. My ideal corner of the house where I can be inspired to create beautiful spaces for my clients.

There you have it! My office reveal in all its glory. Now if you will excuse me, I need to get back to work.

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