A few months ago I shared a “Get the look – Chic Outdoor Oasis” post here on the blog. If you were wondering and imagining how that design would translate into real life… Wonder no more! On this post we will be revealing one our latest spaces  based on that very same outdoor design board.

Before I dive in, I just wanted add that outdoor rooms are quite often overlooked in most design projects.  It’s truly shame since creating a functional and welcoming outdoor space is an effective way of creating an extension to a home (without having to actually adding square footage). Knowing that, you can only imagine how thrilled I was when one of my old college friends called me up to help transform her dated outdoor deck and revive it into  a chic modern sanctuary. I mean look at the BEFORE and AFTER!! Definitely a place where you are be drawn to sit and relax all day with a drink at hand.

If you look closely and compare between the two images you might think your eyes are playing a trick on you in regards to the side railing. Don’t over-stress because there is definitely something fishy going on.  A great bonus to the design was that my client decided to get rid of the old railing, rip out the deck and extend it out 2 feet! Brilliant as this allowed us to have  more room for extra sitting and even add a fire pit along the middle.

If I had to pick one single item that stands out and proves be my favorite – it would have to be the egg chair. It’s absolutely fun, comfortable and surprisingly inexpensive. Truth be told I saw this chair in person while ago and feel in love the instant I sat on it melted into complete bliss. I ultimately created a design around the chair knowing my client (and sweet friend) would love it as much. It was such a great and rewarding experience to help create this dreamy  space for a great person. Now she can be happy and proud to relax with her family and entertain lots of friends for seasons to come.

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