So happy to finally be able to show you my client’s modern farmhouse master bedroom reveal. While the whole process took a bit longer than we had both anticipated, the results are absolutely beautiful and worth waiting for.

My client wanted to update her bedroom and create a retreat where she can unwind from a hectic day of work and travel. She works the longest hours out of anyone I know, and is constantly on the road for her job, so I knew there was no one else more deserving for this retreat than her. Aside from keeping some of her bedroom furniture, we opted for a floor to ceiling remodel. With new hardwood floors, updated trim and baseboards, full paint, light fixtures and the creation of a new wood accent wall – the room was fully transformed!

I decided to create a cozy sitting area in the back of the room next to her portable fireplace. She can relax, grab a blanket and read a book during a cold winter Utah day, while having a view to  the mountains in her back yard. Absolutely exquisite! The tufted details and the curved lines of the Madden Accent Chairs really draws your eyes to this lovely focal area. The  Kehoe Metal Side Table, with its simple and dainty design, allows the eye to flow through without making the limited space look overcrowded.

While we already had the main future pieces for the room (our client wanted to keep her existing bedroom set), we added a bench adjacent to the bed. It’s an informal place to sit, take off your shoes, throw your robe or place a throw blanket. Since my client wanted to create a modern farmhouse design, and we had already picked the French styled accent chairs, I decided to go with the Bem French Country Tufted Bench. As my client is an avid reader, an added bonus to the bench is the lower storage compartment that allows her to store books.

Next to the bench, I wanted to bring a little touch of modern, so I added black metal lanterns. Unfortunately they sold out quickly at World Market and once we placed them next to the bench it was easy to see why – simply lovely! Another great addition that brought an industrial and modern touch to the room was the  42″ Black Round Metal Mirror. I love how it fills in the large wall and reflects the light coming in from the large widow. The way I see it, you can never go wrong with a modern and simple mirror. 

When we started, my client made it clear she wanted to have a ceiling fan as opposed to a light fixture. Truth be told, I am not a fan of ceiling fans. If I have a choice, from my designer point of view, I would much rather go with a beautiful hanging pendant or chandelier.  However, I totally understand the functionality, especially for hot summer days. It was a bit of challenge to find a fan that was both functional and esthetically pleasing to me. Luckily I came across this Lumens Xtreme Industrial Ceiling Fan and I can say I might have just become a ceiling fan person after all. It’s beautiful, sleek and very efficient, so I was sold! 

With the addition of the hardwood floors, it was important to have a cozy landing around the bed for my client. The Lerma Rug was the perfect way to outline the space. When we finally unrolled it, I realized the photo did not do it justice. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the details in it are even more exquisite than I had envisioned. Such a great feeling when you get more than you bargain for : )

I was really excited to add the Swinging Wall Lamps to the sides of the bed. They are functional, add a touch of modern glam and they free up space on the nightstands – all plusses for sure. The lamp can be either hardwired or hung directly on the wall. After much debate, we decided to hang them so that way they can be replaced or moved easily. We took the wall lamps one step further by placing  Incandescent Industrial Light Bulbs as opposed to regular incandescent lights. These are very fun bulbs that offer a little more interest and drama to the glass covered lamp shades. In the end, I think this might have been one of the most unique changes we added to the room and the best part was that it was so easy and hassle free.

One of my favorite features of the room, were these super cool  Mapiful Wall Art Prints we placed above the headboard. Not only are they unique and easy on the eye, but they allow the room to feel more homey and personalized for my client. As they have lived in various locations across the United States, it was a nice way to incorporate the memories of these places into their remodel. They where surprisingly inexpensive, of great quality and oh so fun! The prints look amazing in these Thin Bordered Gillsville Black Frames furthering the modern look we were going for. I cannot wait to use them again in a future project or in my own home.

I had a lot of fun working on this modern farmhouse project.  I hope my client and her hubs can enjoy and relax in their own private master retreat for years to come. They definitely deserve it! 

Stay tuned for more upcoming client reveal projects – can’t wait to share some of the fun stuff I have been working on lately.

disclosure: some affiliate links used