You may have seen the recent post from few month ago regarding our current Modern Living Room project. Well, I am happy to say we are finally done with the project. We are not only done with the living room, but we are done with the entire house!

I am convinced that the most successful projects are the ones where the client trust to you to the core. This was a prime example of that. What a dream it was to work with this client, as they practically handed me the keys and let me have at it with no inhibitions. Their only request was to leave the wall and flooring intact and use some of the large furniture pieces in order to keep the budget within reason. As mentioned before in our design plan the goal was to keep the room within the gray neutral scheme (set by the walls and flooring) and use pops of black and white colors to create a more stimulating and interesting overall design. My heart skipped a beat when I laid eyes on the Nesting Natural Elm Oblique Coffee Table set, I love the modern medal legs with the unique shape and light cerused stained wood. It gives the room the perfect pop and warmth without distracting from the overall design.

I had to be careful not to make the room appear too bland with the monochromatic color scheme we had chosen. For this reason I wanted to make sure we had a lot of shapes and textures to play into the decor. Now can we just observe a moment of silence for the Modern Papasan Chair? Seriously, a funky mid-century style brought forward into modern time! And its surprisingly comfortable too – Love it!. Since there was limited space between the sectional and hallway leading to the bedrooms I decided to use the Decor Therapy Adjustable Pharmacy Lamp for its slim and industrial modern design as well. The Chenille Cream Lumbar Pillow and Ceramic Succulent Faux Plants add a welcome feel to the room, after all its the room were guest first lay their eyes on upon entering.

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