I was so excited when one of my good friends asked me to help recreate her formal entry room. Not only do I love designing new spaces, but I knew it would be a blast working with her.  To top it off, she gave me full control and range on the project – what designer doesn’t love that? I certainly do!

Her only request was to create a dual space, including a corner office, as well as a sitting area to welcome guests. Our whole design was based on maintaining a neutral color scheme while making the space feel light, airy and welcoming. Ultimately the design started to unfold once we found the super fun (and EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE!) gray Buttoned Back Club Chairs. Once we paired the mid-century chairs with the classy Fabric Settee we had ourselves a perfectly cozy sitting configuration ideal for socializing.

One of my favorite pieces in the room is the Marble Top Coffee Table. Not only is it heavy-duty, sturdy  and able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life, but the chic brass metal frame bellow gives it the perfect touch of elegance. In the end it’s beautiful and functional – the best of two worlds. It’s no wonder I had such a hard time finding a table similar to this one that did not cost an arm and leg! Fortunately, this table not only fit the bill with its true marble top, but it came within budget! Now let’s talk about the Threshold Marble Coasters – simply slick, modern and oh so lovely. Another amazing find.

You can’t look at this room without  noticing the Diamond Wool Area Rug. When I ordered the rug online, I was unsure if the colors would be true (let’s just say I would be rich if I got paid a dime for every item I received in the mail that did not match up the color or description). It’s a definite risk, but when the stars align and you get something even better than expected, you find yourselves jumping giddy with excitement. As far as this rug goes… I definitely leaped in the air 🙂 This single item added the ideal pop of color to our otherwise monochromatic color scheme.

The only item that survived the cut prior the remodel, was the Weeping Ficus Benjamina Tree in the corner. Since I was born lacking the green thumb gene, I bow down to anyone who can keep any plant alive. My friend’s husband considers this tree another child and it shows; it’s in perfect condition. I must shamefully admit I get a little jealous of natural plant owners (how I wish that was me!). Since I gave up on that dream years ago, I will stick to artificial plants and just admire this beauty from afar. Similarly, keeping in check with our natural earthy theme, I choose to use some of Target’s Stoneware Tray and Earthenware Vases. Not only are they fabulous, but they’re in the right price range and add a touch of interest to the space without taking center stage.

My client decided to replace the worn-out carpet and we gave the whole room a revamp by painting the walls, ceiling and even baseboards. While painting the room and replacing the carpet was an easy decision, our accent wall proved to be a bit more challenging. After debating back and forth as to what option we would go with to give our wall some drama, in the end we opted for painting horizontal stripes. This winning design proved to be an easy and extremely affordable way to give the room a subtle pop of interest, while providing a sense of height and depth. In the middle of the wall, like a little shinning crown, we placed the Ikea Stockholm Mirror – it is no secret I am a true fan of round mirrors and this mid-century modern design was another great bargain find.

As far as the corner office space, as our budget did not allow custom built-ins, we opted for a simple 3 piece setup. The furniture pieces fill in the space flawlessly, creating a continuous flow and thus giving a sense of cohesiveness that a built-in would give us but for a fraction of the cost. The Writing Desk and Display Stands coupled with the Wicker Office Chair gives my client a comfortable stylish space to work and display her little knickknacks and trinkets.

There you have it, one of my favorite remodels to date. I am so excited to have had the opportunity  create a fun and elegant space for my sweet friend and her family to enjoy.

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